Heingärtner Jörg

Jörg Heingärtner

Dr. Jörg Heingärtner

Postal addressinspire AG
Dr. Jörg Heingärtner
Technoparkstrasse 1
CH-8005 Zürich
Phone+41 44 633 78 14
OfficePFA L57
Team CategoryHead ivp
Team GroupInstitut für virtuelle Produktion (inspire-ivp)
Language SkillsGerman, English
Associations / Professional GroupsSATW - Industry 4.0 Expert Group
  • Development, modeling and optimization of forming processes.
  • Control engineering, in-line data acquisition and non-destructive measurement technology for production processes
  • Management of research projects and their industrial implementation
  • Electromobility - since 2011 supervisor of the Formula Student Electric Team of ETH Zurich
Reference Projects
  • Eddy current measurement: non-destructive in-line measurement of material properties of aluminum and steel sheets in production (Bilateral project, Daimler AG, Sindelfingen).
  • Q-Guard: Control of production processes in forming technology using intelligent mechatronic systems: Control of forming processes using simulation-based metamodels and in-line acquired process data (CTI 17366.1)
  • ALLIANCE: Affordable weight reduction of high-volume vehicles and components taking into account the entire life-cycle: Development of hybrid lightweight materials made of aluminum and glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (H2020-NMBP-2016, Grant agreement No. 723893)
  • Production and modeling of an innovative generation of high formability and high strength Al-alloys for automotive applications (CTI 26515.1)
  • Several projects in the field of material data acquisition, material modeling, process optimization and numerical process simulation
  • Experimental and numerical investigations on the quasi-static structural properties of fever metal laminates processed by thermoforming: hot forming of hybrid matreials of aluminum and glass fiber reinforced plastic; T. Fischer, M. Grubenmann, M. Harhash, W. Hua, J. Heingärtner, P. Hora, H. Palkowski, G. Zimmermann; Composite Structures 2021 Vol 258, Art. No. 113418
  • On part-to-part feedback optimal control in deep drawing: "Optimal Control" algorithms for controlling deep drawing processes; P. Fischer, J. Heingärtner, S. Duncan, P. Hora; Journal of Manufacturing Processes 2020 Vol. 50, pp 403 - 411.
  • Q-Guard - An intelligent process control system: in-line data acquisition and process control in deep drawing; J. Heingärtner, P. Fischer, D. Harsch, Y. Renkci, P. Hora; 36th IDDRG Conference 2017.
  • Application of non-destructive testing to control material properties of stainless steel in kitchen sink production: in-line acquisition of material properties of stainless steel sheets in production; J. Heingärtner, Y. Renkci, P. Hora; IDDRG Conference 2013


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