Additive Manufacturing, commonly called 3D printing, represents a group of tool-less manufacturing processes where components typically are built layer by layer from a powder, liquid or wire. Corresponding processes are characterized by a significantly greater freedom of design and a high degree of independence of production costs from the number of units produced.

Selective Laser Melting

Development priorities

  • Materials and processes for plastics and ceramics
  • Materials and processes for metals
  • Development methods for products and business models in Design for AM
  • Processes for post-processing and part & process quality assurance

Development methods for products and business models

We support companies in translating the possibilities of additive manufacturing into commercial products and new business models. With our experience in early development phases, we help to open up new ways.

Processes for post-processing & quality assurance

A good design takes into account all requirements along the process chain and thus enables an efficient path from additive production to the final component. To this end, we research both development methods and new processes for post-processing and part and process quality assurance.

Plastics & ceramics

Material and process development for plastic and ceramic powders for industrial AM processes


Powder and material qualification, AM-ready material concepts and process development for additive manufacturing processes

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Consequent usage of the design freedom of the additive manufacturing (AM) technology in the product design phase

Finishing & Quality

Post-processing and quality assurance of AM components