Additive Manufacturing (AM) offers a high degree of design freedom and the independence of manufacturing costs from lot size. Product development can use these properties to create an added value for its own company or for customers, for example through lightweight design by topology optimization, improved performance through function-oriented design or integration of several functions in a single structure. AM also enables new business models such as personalized products or on-demand spare parts.

Design Automation for AM

Integration of the AM design automation in the design process

We develop computational algorithms that support the design of complex shaped AM parts. This helps the designer to save time in the design process. The research is done in close cooperation wirth pdz / ETH Zurich.

AM Workshop

Workshops for companies to identify and validate components, processes and business models.

We support engineers during the implementation of the first AM series part in the company and offer orientation in this new technology field.

Agile Development

Agile development of new solutions with additive manufacturing.

In the early phases of product development, we search for new solution principles together with the application experts from the company and validate them.

Integral Process Chain

Integration of additive manufacturing into the process chain from the idea to the finished, machined component.

The digital process chain of additive manufacturing enables design automation for customer-specific products. This also lays the foundation for efficient post-processing.