The focus in the research field of laser ablation is the experimental investigation of ultrashort pulsed (USP) laser processes with tool machining as a main application. A well-equipped laboratory with ns- and ps-lasers in power classes from 5 W to 200 W and wave lengths of 355 nm to 1064 nm enables the processing of many conventional as well as extraordinary materials.

Machining of diamond grains and ultra hard cutting inserts

Besides the laser processing of tools with geometrically undefined cutting edges also cutting inserts and small milling and drilling tools out of ultra-hard materials such as natural diamond, polycrystalline diamond (PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN) etc. are processed. The processing of the last-mentioned materials is only possible with ultrashort pulsed lasers since they enable the ablation by sublimation without significant heat flow to the crystal lattice. For this reason it is also called a “cold laser process”.

Manufacturing of micro drills

For the manufacturing of hard metal drilling or milling tools with diameters D < 500 µm, ultrashort pulsed lasers are especially suitable due to the force-free process and reduced processing temperatures. The achievable surface roughness is comparable to those obtained by grinding processes.

Lasergefertigtes Hartmetall-Werkzeug
Laser manufactured hard metal drill (d=1mm)